COMBAR Training School: Socio-economics of helminth infections and AR in ruminants

Cattle, sheep and goats are parasitized by various helminth species. These pathogens are important production-limiting diseases of grazing ruminants in Europe and are mainly controlled through the strategic use of anthelmintics. Frequent and indiscriminate use of anthelmintic drugs has led to the development and spread of anthelmintic resistance (AR), which today has become a global threat for effective parasite control. The COST Action COMBAR aims at coordinating research to find solutions for the AR problem.

The consideration of the economic and social factors involved is a prerequisite for the development of new, sustainable control advices that tackle the problem of AR. In this 3-day training school, participants will be introduced to principles and practices of research in socio-economic aspects of animal health management and of helminth infections and AR in particular. After the workshop, participants should have a solid basis to understand, interpret and conduct research on the economic and human behaviour aspects of novel control approaches. This should inform pathways towards sustainability.

Lectures will be provided by a unique mix of trainers with backgrounds in parasitology, economics and communication studies. There is also ample time foreseen for a hands-on practical, to present participant’s own work and to discuss how to achieve a coordinated approach in future research.

COMBAR participant (€100.00)
External participants (€450.00)
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November 21, 2018 - November 23, 2018 (GMT +00:00 UTC)

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Jacob Van Maerlantgebouw,
Koning Albert I-laan 1-2, 8000 Brugge, Belgium